Titan has built a $1.7 million 370-inch TV

Posted Jun 10, 2014

Titan is a UK manufacturer that has built the “world?s first £1m ($1.7m) television.” The TV has a MASSIVE 370 inch screen size — or 8 meters by x 5 meters. The TV has 65 billion colors. The cost excludes installations and delivery, which happens through a custom-built Hummer. The TV is part of Titan’s “Zeus” range of TVs.

Four have been made and two have been sold. One of them was purchased by a ?British media millionaire? and the other will be placed on top of a hotel in Cannes, France. The two others will be made-to-order after confirming interest.

Interested buyers would have to e-mail hello@titanscreens.com.

[Source: TNW]