37signals renames company to Basecamp

Posted Feb 5, 2014

37signals is a collaboration software company that is known for creating a project management company called Basecamp. Now the company is being renamed to their flagship product. Here is what Basecamp CEO Jason Friend wrote in a blog post:

When we meet people, and they ask us what we do, we say we work for 37signals. If they aren’t in the tech world, they’ll squint and say “what’s that?”. When we say “we’re the folks who make Basecamp”, their eyes light up and open wide. “Basecamp! Oh I love Basecamp! My wife uses Basecamp too! Even our church uses Basecamp!” We hear this kind of response over and over. People just love their Basecamp.

So that got us thinking… While 37signals is well known in tech circles, far more people around the world actually know us for Basecamp. And since we’re going to be completely focused on Basecamp moving forward, why don’t we just go all in on “Basecamp”.

Basecamp is used by over 15 million people.

[Source: 37signals.com/TNW]