3Crowd Technologies Receives Funding From Storm, Greenwich, Kevin Rose, and Jay Adelson

Posted Dec 23, 2009

3Crowd Technologies announced that they have funding from Storm Ventures, Greenwich Technology Associates, Kevin Rose (Digg.com founder), and Jay Adelson (Digg.com CEO). 3Crowd was founded by Barrett Lyon, co-founder and former CTO of BitGravity. 3Crowd is in stealth mode, but the company claims to change crowdsourcing. The funding amount is in the form of a convertible note and it is unknown how much is involved.

Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson were customers of BitGravity for Revision3.com which is how the two know Lyon. Revision3 is a video service that Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson founded together that hosts shows such as DiggNation and The Totally Rad Show.