Tumblr Server Down-time Image Gets Created By Matthew Inman Of The Oatmeal

Posted Jan 27, 2011

This is a huge win for The Oatmeal founder Matthew Inman. Tumblr has agreed to use an image created by Matthew Inman, the founder of TheOatmeal.com. This image is the equivalent of Twitter’s “fail whale,” or an image that appears when the website is down.

Inman posted an image of TumblBeasts eating up the Tumblr servers on his Twitter account and he wrote “please oh please use it.” Inman’s TheOatmeal.com receives about 5 million monthly unique visitors per month and he started his comic website about a year ago. Inman works on TheOatmeal.com full-time and earns revenue through ads, a book deal, and comic merchandise.