A boy that went missing was found in a coin-operated claw game

Posted Apr 17, 2014

In Nebraska, a mother called the police because her three-year-old son went missing. The 24-year-old mother could not find her son that went missing from her Lincoln home. She believes that her son wandered out of the unlocked home while she was in the bathroom. Her son turned up though — in a coin-operated claw game.

The three year old ended up in a coin-operated claw game that was located at Madsen?s Bowling & Billiards. Employees at Madsen’s called the police after being alerted by a customer that there was a child in the machine.

The police found the child in the machine happily playing with stuffed animals. Madsen’s called the company behind the claw game to get him free before he gets hurt.The police did not charge the mom because she acted as quickly as possible when she realized her child went missing.

How did he end up in the claw game? No idea.