A Linux Based Smartpen Is Coming To Kickstarter Tomorrow

Posted Jul 9, 2013

German startup company Lernstift is launching a Linux-based digital pen on Kickstarter starting tomorrow [update: Kickstarter campaign has launched].  The smart-pen will sell for $148 (115 euros or 99 pounds).  Lernstift’s pen will have an ARM Cortex processor, WiFi, and a motion sensor.


The smart-pen will even help you correct your penmanship, grammar, and spelling as you write.  There will be a set of 3D motion sensors to detect the pen’s 3D movement and to generate 2D vectors.

Supporters that donate around $148 will receive the first shipment of the Lernstift’ pens later this year.  The standard pricing is expected to hit around 130-150 euros when it goes into production next year.