List Of The Top Online Photography Design Tools (100+ Stock Photos, Printing, Mashups, Sharing, Etc.)

Posted Feb 16, 2010

Mobile Photo Services

Cellblock – Cellblock is a photo publishing, sharing, and collaboration service.

Flickr For Mobile – Flickr on your mobile phone allows you to directly upload pictures from your camera phone to  You can also view photos, read comments on photos, and search for photos on the website.

Fotochatter ? Fotochatter is a mobile photo social network where you can upload photos and chat with friends.

iPhoneSlide -iPhoneSlide allows you to blog and upload photos from your iPhone to WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter

Juicecaster – Juicecaster is a mobile phone social network where you can upload photos and videos.  You can also update your Twitter and Facebook status messages from JuiceCaster.

PixDrop – PixDrop is a way to send free picture messages to Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T phones.

Pixpulse – Using Pixpulse you can send photos and videos to your PixPulse channel and embed them from the channel to your blog.

Pixsense – PixSense is a service that encourages users to share media and earn revenue in the process.

Shozu ? Shozu is a “social media hub” where you can upload photos to all of your favorite sites at once including Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, etc.

SnapZone ? SnapZone is allows you to store and back-up mobile photos.  The website works across most major mobile networks and over 500 camera phones are supported.

SugarSync – SugarSync is mobile photo and video storage service.  Storage plan prices range from $4.99-$24.99 per month to $49.99-$249.99 per year.

– Treemo is a service where you can upload images, video, audio, and text to a profile page.  There is ratings, channels, and favorite features built around Treemo.

TwitPic – TwitPic is the most popular Twitter photo sharing service.  TwitPic seamlessly connects your Twitter account to photos.

? Veeker is a service that allows you to send videos and pics from your phone to any other phone.  You can also send videos and webcam messages from your PC to phones.  You can also store all of your videos and pictures received on Veeker.

– Using YFrog, you can share images on Twitter by uploading an image, sharing a URL, or using a webcam.  Yfrog is also supported on Tweetie, TweetDeck, Seesmic, etc.

Online Photo Editing Websites

72Photos – 72Photos allows you to upload, edit, and create web galleries.

Aviary – Aviary has an image editor, color editor, vector editor, effects editor, screen capture, audio editor, and image markup service.

BeFunky -BeFunky is a service that allows you to turn photos into digital artwork with a single click.

Blingee – Blingee is a service that adds glitter, graphics, and comments to your pictures.

Dumpr – Dumpr is a website where you can add effects to your photos such as goo, alien vision, etc.

FaceInHole -FaceInHole allows you to insert a picture of yourself in various pictures including costumes, art, books and magazines, etc.

Fake Magazine Cover – Fake Magazine Cover encourages you to upload a photograph and insert it into a magazine cover.

Flauntr – Flauntr is a service where you can apply digital effects, add fancy fonts, blend world famous paintings into your own photo, and set up a profile creator.  Flauntr is owned by FotoDesk.

Fotocrib – Fotocrib is a website where you can create montages, add 3D effects, encrypt photos, create rounded corners, and convert photo files.

Fotoflexer – Fotoflexer is an online image editor that allows you to edit photos from Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, MySpace, etc. You can add animation, cut out objects using Smart Scissors, resize images, and recolor hair.

FunPhotoBox – FunPhotoBox is a service that allows you to create cards, add photo effects, animate photos, add photos to magazine covers, and create screensavers.

– HairMixer is a website that allows you to upload or choose two photos and mix-and-match faces.  This way you can see how someone else’s hair looks on another person.

LoonaPix – LoonaPix is a service where you can add frames, trim photos, add effects, and create calendars.

LunaPic – LunaPic is an online photo editor where you can upload photos or edit photos from a URL.  The tools available are very similar to Adobe Photoshop.

MagMyPic – MagMyPic is a website where you can upload a photo and integrate it into a fake magazine cover.

MyImager ? is a website where you can edit images using various tools.  Premium accounts cost $11.95 per year.

MyPictr -MyPictr is a website where you can upload a picture, zoom in, and upload it to a social network as a profile pic.

OnlinePhotoTool ? OnlinePhotoTool is a website where you can edit and save images, screenshots, and photos on the web.  You can resize, crop, add text, rotate, flip, paint, recolor, and remove red eyes.

Personalized Money (Festisite) – Festisite’s Personalized Money feature allows you to upload a photo and integrate the face into a picture of dollar bills.  There are many types of currency to choose from.

Phixr – Phixr is a free online editor that allows you to edit and upload photos.  The edited photo can be uploaded from Phixr to tons of photo hosting sites such as Facebook, Buzznet, Flickr, Picasa, etc.

Photo505 – Photo505 is a website where you can upload an image and superimpose your face over one that is actually on another photo.

Photoscape – Photoscape is software that allows you to view photos, edit them, batch edit them, combine photos, capture screenshots, slice photos, face search photos on the Internet, and created animated GIF images.  Photoscape is available as a free download for Windows.
– is the online version of the popular desktop software.  Feastures include white balance, highlight, fill light, sharpening, crop/rotate, resize, autocorrect, red-eye reduction, touchup and saturation.

Photovisi – Photovisi is a website that allows you to take a bunch of pictures and build a collage around them.

Picnik ? Picnik is an online photo editing software that allows you to crop, resize, rotate, add special effects, etc.  Photos can be grabbed from MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, Photobucket, Picasa, Webshots, etc.

Pic Resize – Pic Resize is a website that allows you to crop and resize images.

Picture2Life – Picture2Life is a website that allows you to edit, animate, share, and build a collage.

? Pixelmator is a free online editing PC software where you can select, paint, retouch, and adjust the brightness of an image.  The software is not available for the Mac yet.

Pixelr – Pixelr is a website where you can use editing tools to fix up photos.  The online tools are similar to the tools that are built into Photoshop.

Pixenate – Pixenate is an online photo editor that allows you to zoom in/zoom out, rotate, reduce red eye, adjust brightness/contrast, and whiten images. ? is an online photo editor that allows you to undo, resize, crop, rotate, flip, saturation, blur/sharpen, adjust brightness/contrast, and add special fx to photos.

– Pixisnap can help you choose, upload, and customize photos.  You can make photos Polaroid style or build a Mosaic out of photos.

PiZap – PiZap is an online photo editing website where you can add speech bubbles, add photos, rotate, etc.

Poladroid – Poladroid is a website where you can easily create high-resolution Polaroid-like pictures.

Preloadr ? Preloadr is a website that allows you to upload and optimize photos for Flickr.  You can adjust colors, sharpen, and adjust the contrast.

? SnipShot allows you to edit photos online.  You can edit RAW file online, apply special effects, adjust contrast and brightness, etc.

Splashup – SplashUp is a website that allows you to edit multiple images, adjust pixel levels, etc.

WriteOnIt – WriteOnIt allows you to create cards, built photomontages, make magazine covers, and place your face in on a celebrity’s body using the Face In Hole feature.

Photo Sharing and Hosting

ContakMe ? ContakMe allows you to find new friends, create videos and photo albums, and rate photos.

? DPHOTO is a website that allows you to create photo galleries.  However this software does not come cheap.  The Lite version is $30 and the Pro version is $90.

– Facebook is the world’s largest social network and it is photo uploading.  Photos can be tagged.  The problem with Facebook is that photo quality is decreased when they are uploaded.

– Flickr hosts over 4 billion photos.  Photos on Flickr can be geotagged and allows users to upload 100MB per month for free.
?FreeImageHosting allows you to store images for free.  The only limit is that images must be lower than 3MB.

ImageCross ? ImageCross is a website that allows you to upload images for 2.5MB for free.  ImageCross started in 2002.

ImageHosting ? ImageHosting is a website that hosts images that are up to 1.5MB in file size.  There are no photo limitations and thumbnails are automatically created after uploading.  Images can be shared too.

ImageShack ? ImageShack is a website that allows you to upload images/videos, URLs, and webcam pictures.  ImageShack has an iPhone app that complements the service.  ImageShack has a widget, iPhone plugin, and several other features.

ImageVenue ? ImageVenue has a multiple photo uploader, but there is a maximum photo size of 3MB per picture.  Photo hosting is unlimited.

? is a website that allows you to upload multiple images at once, but the maximum file size is 5MB.

– is a website that allows you to share and upload photos.  You can make photos private and there is no banner ads.  Photos can be uploaded directly from cell phones too.

Photobucket ?Photobucket is an image hosting service with 99 million users, 22.3 million unique monthly visitors in the U.S., over 7 billion images, and 4.3 billion images served per day.  Photobucket was founded in 2003 and was acquired by Fox Interactive.

Picasa ?Google Picasa is a free image hosting service that features tags, facial recognition, brightness, contrast, color enhancement, cropping, red eye reduction, etc.  You can upload photos through the web or the Picasa desktop software. – allows you to upload and share photos. allows you to view Top Users, Random Images, and browse popular searches.

SmugMug ? SmugMug is a photo and video sharing website.  SmugMug allows unlimited photo uploading, no ads, no spam, HD video, and photo galleries.  SmugMug has users groups and there are there are themes available for galleries.

TinyPic ? Tinypic is an image hosting, photo sharing, and video hosting service.  Photos can be categorized and favorited.  These pictures can be shared on MySpace, eBay, Orkut, etc.

– Twitgoo is a safe and reliable way to share images for Twitter.  Twitgoo uses Tinypic for image hosting and OAuth for logging in.

TheImageHosting ? launched in August 2004 and hosts over 5 million images.  File sizes are a maximum of 1MB.

VillagePhotos ? allows users to upload photos by email or mobile devices. Premium accounts have unlimited bandwidth and image hit tracking.  Six month plans range from $20.50-$140.

Webshots – Webshots was a photo sharing site started in 1995 and is owned by American Greetings. Webshots hosts about 660 million photos. ? is a website that can host multiple images.  Images can be as large as 20MB.  Downloads and uploads are unlimited.  There are also image enhancement options.

Zooomr ? Zooomr is a website that allows you to upload photos, but to login you need an OpenID account.

Zorpia ? Zooomr is a website that hosts photos and videos.  Zorpia also has groups, journals, events, gossip, music, games, and theme features.  Zorpia was founded in 2003 and is located in Hong Kong.

Photographer Blogs and Tips

Digital Photography School
– Digital Photography School is a blog that features tips, tutorials, camera reviews, and post production tips.

DPreview – Digital Photography Review is a website that has the latest news, reviews, previews, lens reviews, camera database, timeline, buying guide, review samples, user galleries, and other features.

Flickr Blog – The official Flickr Blog has some interesting photos and updates about the company.

Photocritic – Photocritic is a website that started in the late 90’s.  This blog contains many photography tips and news articles.  Haje Jan Kamps is the writer behind the blog and has wrote a book called Macro Photo Workshop.

Photo Mashups and Slideshows

Captioner ? Captioner is a service where you can add speech balloons and add a comic-like effect to photos.

Colr Pickr
? Colr Pickr is a tool where you can select a color and images from Flickr that have the same color tone are displayed.

Fastr ? Fastr is a Flickr game where you have to guess the tag of a picture.

Flappr ? Flappr is a data wrapper for Flickr and Flash.  Flappr’s search engine shows the most interesting phots at the top and you can view related tags and view thumbnails for the results without leaving the page.  You can also add comments and add photos as a favorite without leaving the page.

FlickrBall ? Flickrball is a scavenger hunt game that uses Flickr thumbnails.

FlickrFling ? FlickrFling is a service that shows photos on Flickr that are related to the titles of articles for several major news websites.

Flickr Logo Maker ? Flickr Logo Maker allows you to type in text and a Flickr-styled logo is automatically generated.

Flickr Sudoku ? Flickr Sudoku uses numbers from photos on to form Sudoku puzzles.  You can set the puzzle to Easy, Medium, and Hard.

FlickrVision ? FlickrVision is a world map that shows where some of the most recently Flickr photos were uploaded from.

PictureSandbox ? Picture Sandbox lets you enter a keyword and find results on Flickr, Stockxpert, Fotolia, Dreamstime, SmugMug, and Webshots without leaving the page.

RockYou ? RockYou is a website that allows you to make slideshows, add effects to photos, add glitter text, add a countdown, create stickers, etc.  RockYou is most commonly used on MySpace.

Slide ? can make slideshows, host photos, create widgets, etc.  Slide has widgets available for Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Orkut, Friendster.

Spell with Flickr ? Spell with Flickr asks you to type in words and it automatically searches Flickr for pictures of letters.

Vuvox ? Vuvox is a desktop software that lets you build a collage, personalized media presentations, online albums, and RSS feeds.p

Photo Printing and Scrapbook Services

? Fotki lets you upload photo albums and print photos for 9 cents each.

KodakGallery ? Kodak Gallery has over 60 million users and charges $4.99-$19.99 for storage services.  Every now and then Kodak Gallery has photo print promotions.  As of today, they have a deal where you can print 150 photos for $15.

Mixbook – Mixbook allows you to create collaborative photo books and photo albums.  Pricing is between $6.99 and $39.99.

Moo ? Moo lets you print business cards, minicards, greeting cards, post cards, and holiday cards for a price.

MyPhotoAlbum – allows you to share photos and videos and there are hundreds of designs to choose from.  You can print photos for 9 cents per picture too.  You can make mousepads, calendars, mugs, posters, playing cards, coasters, puzzles, wall art, wooden boxes, desk organizers, charm necklaces, charm bracelets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, aprons, stickers, address labels, framed prints, etc. with the photos.

? Scrapblog is an online scrapbooking website.  Here’s how it works: 1. Select a kit 2. Add your photos 3. Instant results

Shutterfly – Shutterfly is one of the biggest photo hosting services and it is a public company with a market valuation of $498 million.  Shutterfly allows unlimited photo uploading and you can create photo books, stationery, etc.

Snapfish – Snapfish is a website owned by Hewlett Packard that has about 70 million members across 20 countries.  Snapfish hosts about 2 billion photos.  Snapfish started in 2000. Photos are sold for 9 cents each.

Stock Photos

Alamy ? Alamy has about 17.91 million stock photos available for search.

– DepositPhotos has about 1,600,000 high-quality images in their library for purchase.

EveryStockPhoto – EveryStockPhoto is a license-specific photo search engine.

Fotolia ? Fotolia sells stock photos at a price of 14 cents each and above.  Fotolia has 7.4 million photos and illustrations and over 500,000 vector images.

? iStockphoto sells images from $1 at a small size and $24 at an XXX-large size.

MorgueFile ? morgueFile started in 1996 and has high resolution stock photos. – StockVault has 17464 Stock Photos, 23389 Members, and 4241 Photographers ? has tons of free stock photos available for download.