A Look At The Work Of Monty Oum

Posted Oct 1, 2009

Monty Oum has become famous in the gaming community for creating animation videos using characters from video games and remixing them. For example, Oum created a series of videos called Dead Fantasy. In these series of videos, Oum used some of the girl characters from the Final Fantasy series and from the Dead or Alive series and made them battle it out. The above video is a couple of months old, but it is still guaranteed to be an adrenaline rush for anyone that watches it.

Oum’s talent as enough to get him a job over at Midway, but he has left that company since to join Namco-Bandai. Oum’s videos tend to be heavily favorited on YouTube and gets hundreds and thousands of videos for every video he releases. One of Oum’s most popular videos is a cross-over between the characters of Halo and Metroid battling it out. The video has been viewed over 2.5 million times.

Clearly Oum is very talented and I highly recommend you keep your eye on him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up in Hollywood making movies professionally and if you start seeing his work in movie theaters.