A Review of Kosmix-Powered, RightHealth.com

Posted Sep 15, 2007

Recently, Kosmix launched www.righthealth.com, a health consumer website that providers visitors content an opportunity to search through various medical content.  Currently, RightHealth Beta is receiving 2.5 million visits and 9 million searches per month.  The interface is very clean and the web site is essentially a consolidator of information.

When users plug keywords into the search the following items appear: contextual videos powered by Truveo, a description from Wikipedia, related questions that appear on Yahoo! Answers, and news from the web.  The first problem I see is that this site doesn’t really show any indication of focusing on strictly medical content.  Why do I say this?

I did two searches to test this theory:
1.) I plugged in the keyword, “Accutane” which is a miracle drug that aids in the curing of acne.  Supposedly this is more effective than those ProActiv Solution.  But thats neither here nor there.  The homepage returns interesting content all consolidated from various sources.  So then I decided to try out another test on the system.

2.) I did a search on entertainer and rapper, 50 Cent on RightHealth.  If results were returned in a similar fashion as something that is medical-related like Accutane, then I don’t see this service being any different from a plain search engine.  And here’s the results:

The results of 50 Cent vs. Accutane were returned in the exact same format.

It seems that RightHealth hasn’t really lived up to its name, so I’ll conduct a further review if I see a way that this would benefit a community looking for medical content in the future.