ABC Shows To Start Streaming On Netflix

Posted Aug 3, 2009

Just when I thought Netflix would stop giving Blockbuster a beatdown, the DVD mailing company just signed a deal with major TV production company ABC.  ABC will be streaming shows such as Lost and Grey’s Anatomy on the Netflix website to subscribers.

ABC will air all five seasons of Lost on Netflix.  Netflix will air several seasons of Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, and the Legend of the Seeker.  A couple of ABC’s shows started appearing on Netflix on August 1t, but the rest will be fully available in the next few months.

In Late 2008, Disney’s ABC added several children shows such as Hannah Montana, The Suite Life On Deck, JONAS, and Sonny With A Chance.

Netflix isn’t the only online service that ABC programs are streaming on.  ABC signed a deal with Hulu in late April that gave the TV company 27% ownership.  As part of that agreement, ABC provided some of the latest episodes of their shows on Hulu.

[via Netflix PR]