About 2 Billion Firefox Add-Ons Have Been Downloaded

Posted Jul 3, 2010

Mozilla recently announced that Firefox users have downloaded over two billion browser add-ons.  As part of the milestone announcement, Mozilla created a list of the top 25 add-ons.  Mozilla has about 60,000 add-ons contributed by third-party developers.  There are about 150 million active users of these two billion downloads.  “When we reached 1 billion Firefox Add-on downloads in November 2008, we thought it would take us less than 3 years to get to the next billion, and with your help, we’ve gotten to 2 billion in half that time,” stated the Mozilla’s add-on team in a blog post. “With more than 150 million add-ons in use every day, we know that the next billion add-on downloads will be here before we know it.”

Below is the list:

1. Adblock Plus
2. Personas Plus
3. NoScript
4. Firebug
5. Greasemonkey
6. ImTranslator
7. Xmarks Bookmark and Password Sync
8. AniWeather
9. Cooliris
10. Stylish
11. Yoono
12. Read It Later
13. AmazonAssist
14. ReminderFox
15. WeatherBug
16. InvisibleHand
17. Glue
18. Delicious
19. StumbleUpon
20. Image Zoom
21. YSlow
22. Shareaholic
23. Destroy the Web
24. KidZui
25. CLIP: CraigsList Image Prefetcher

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