About 26 Bars In D.C. Now Support BuyYourFriendADrink.com

Posted Aug 12, 2008

Residents in Washington D.C. can now use BuyYourFriendADrink.com to buy their friends a drink before they make it to the bar.  Bars such as The Dubliner and K Street Lounge both support BuyYourFriendADrink.com.  The site also sells electronic gift certificates.  The company first started in New York City by  Steven Cohn.

The four step process in BuyYourFriendADrink.com is:
1. Click on the “Buy A Drink” button from the homepage
2. Fill out the gift information and a personalized note.  The gift is sent by e-mail, mail, or via text message
3. Recipient finds the bar with the applicable gift certificate
4. Recipient receives the drink

BuyYourFriendADrink also has sponsored events.  There is one event happening tomorrow in New York at Opal and one on September 8 at The Good Nite in Hollywood.  There are no price caps for all gifts paid on BuyYourFriendADrink.  BuyYourFriendADrink is an invite-only social network. 

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