About 290.5 Million Smartphones Were Sold During The Last Quarter, Nokia and Samsung Lead The Way

Posted Nov 1, 2009

In the third quarter of 2009, the smartphone mobile market soared like an eagle. About 290.5 million smartphones were sold in the quarter which is an increase of 5.6% from the year before. Between the five major telecommunications companies, all of them sold more phones in this quarter than the previous quarter. However Motorola slipped into 5th place behind Sony Ericsson this quarter. Samsung and LG broke new sales records this quarter too.

Samsung shipped over 60 million phones this quarter which is the highest they have ever done. Below is the break-down of the numbers provided by our friends over at UnwiredView:
* Nokia ? 108.5 million units, 37.3% market share
* Samsung ? 60.2 million units, 20.7% market share
* LG ? 31.6 million units, 10.9% market share
* Sony Ericsson ? 14.1 million units, 4.9% market share
* Motorola ? 13.6 million units, 4.7% market share
* Others ? 60.1 million units, 21.5% market share