About 380,000 New Users Are Joining Skype Everyday

Posted Feb 11, 2009

As you may remember from back in 2005, Skype was bought out for $2.6 billion by eBay Inc. (NASDAQ:EBAY).  eBay has been struggling to find ways to integrate Skype into eBay, but has found that it is making pretty good revenues anyway.  Skype’s user base is growing at a rapid pace as other VoIP companies are struggling to compete.  The latest figure is that Skype is growing by more than 4 million users every 12 days.  About one-third of Skype’s users have it for business purposes including Pulse 2.0.

Skype has recently achieved a milestone by finding that at one point there were 15 million users online concurrently according to the Skype blog.  This was made possible by the 405 million users worldwide.  Everyday 380,000 new users are being added.  This is just in time for the release of Skype 4.0.

In terms of finances, Skype made about $550 million in revenues last year.  This revenue was earned by subscribers paying for the low cost Skype Out software.  Skype allows free calling between subscribers, but charges for Skype Out.  Skype Out is for subscribers that want to call other landlines and mobile phones.  In the last quarter of 2008, abuot 2.6 billion SkypeOut minutes were used, growing at 61% every quarter.

The new version of Skype touts higher quality audio and a bandwidth manager to make video streaming more seamless.  “There has never been a better time than now for enterprises — particularly small to medium businesses — to consider switching to Skype for their communications,” stated Dan Neary, Skype’s new VP and General Manager of Asia Pacific.

“In this type of environment people are looking for cost savings wherever they can find them, they are looking to ‘recession-proof’ their businesses,” added Neary. “They don’t want to fly from A to B, they want to do video-conferencing. More and more, this offering is becoming applicable for people in business.

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