About 44% Of Verizon Android Users Are Going Switch To iPhone On First Day [SURVEY]

Posted Feb 5, 2011

uSamp is a high-tech online research company based in Los Angeles that did a survey. The survey says that about 44% of Verizon Android users and 66% of BlackBerry users would switch to the iPhone in day one. uSamp had a pool of 4.7 million panelists and asked a sample of 700 AT&T and Verizon smartphone users how likely they would switch to Verizon’s iPhone on February 10th.

Some of the key facts include:
1.) Of the Android users, 44% are likely (19%) or somewhat likely (25%) to buy an iPhone on February 10th.
2.) Of the BlackBerry users, 66% are very likely (32%) or somewhat likely (34%) to switch to the iPhone on February 10th.
3.) Of the AT&T iPhone users, 8% are very likely and 18% are somewhat likely to switch over to the Verizon iPhone. The AT&T to Verizon switchers are more likely (29%) than RIM or Android owners to stand in line on the first day of iPhone sales.