About 452,000 People In America Use Blogging As Primary Income Source

Posted Apr 21, 2009

Two years ago The Richter Scales made a parody song of Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire and called it Here Comes Another Bubble. Part of the song lyrics include, “Blog, blog, blog it all! Blog it if its big or small. Blog at the cineplex, etc.” That is exactly what people all over the world is doing and many are making a living out of it, including myself. Through Pulse2.com I am able to afford a salary that is comparable to what corporations were paying me in the past and it is able to pay for an office in a commercial area of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’m not the only one that is able to pull this off.

The Wall Street Journal reports that there are as many people making a living as bloggers as there are lawyers in the country. There is about 20 million bloggers in the nation of which 1.7 million are profiting from the Internet trend. About 452,000 people in America are using blogging as their primary source of income.

Three out of every four bloggers are college educated and most of them are white males that report above average income levels. Bloggers who are able to do it for a living successfully are about 2% of bloggers overall. Blogs that are able to receive 100,000 unique visitors per month have a high chance of hitting $75,000 in monthly income through advertisements and paid blog posts.

Even though bloggers work very long hours and are constantly finding ways to distinguish themselves from the rest of the herd, most of them report that they are overwhelmingly happy.

What makes blogging such an attraction is the low cost to entry and no barriers to entry. To a certain extend, writing your opinion about anything you want is backed by the First Amendment’s freedom of speech and freedom of the press. So far blogs have been doing okay in surviving the recession, but it is rather ambiguous what will happen when professional bloggers lose work. Will they be covered by unemployment and whether they are covered as journalists under shield laws?

Regardless the numbers are extremely staggering. The kind of money that can be made by just typing words on a computer and publishing it on an independent website is staggering. It will be amazing to see where blogging technology takes us from here.