About 53.3% Of Social Gamers Willing To Engage In Alternative Payments For Virtual Currency [STATS]

Posted Mar 15, 2010

Offerpal released data that contains survey information about how much social gaming consumers are willing to engage in alternative payments for exchange of virtual currency.  Below are the stats:
-53.3%  percent of consumers are willing engage in alternative payments to earn virtual currency
-29.7% of social gamers do not have the ability or the means to pay for virtual currency with cash options

The study was put together using a study by comScore and Offerpal’s own monetization performance. Some of the alternative payments include filling out surveys, joining groups on Facebook, watching a video, shopping at retailers, or signing up for a subscription to a newsletter.

?The data we?re seeing shows that there is clearly a strong demand within social gaming for alternative ways to pay for virtual currency,? stated Offerpal Media CEO George Garrick in a press release. ?When you think of how easy it is to conduct some of these marketing actions like watching a video ad, and the fact that so many people are already doing them online frequently and for no compensation, it makes complete sense that they might as well get rewarded in virtual currency for it. Our goal is to leverage all the most popular alt-pay methods to monetize the maximum number of users at the highest Revenue Per User for our developer partners.?