About.me Acquires Social Media Directory Wefollow

Posted May 7, 2013

About.me is a website where users can create a landing page profile with a large background image and links to their social media profiles.  The founders of About.me, including Tony Conrad, bought the company back from AOL for around $5.7 million three years after the acquisition took place.  Today About.me announced that they have acquired Wefollow.

Wefollow is essentially a social media directory that ranks the most influential LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter users.  Wefollow is also known for categorizing users based on interests and locations.  Wefollow spun out of Digg.com a few years ago.

Here’s where the connections get interesting.  Kevin Rose, a co-founder of Wefollow, was a lead investor in About.me.  Then Tony Conrad invested in Rose’s startup Milk Inc.  Milk Inc. was acquired by Google and Rose is now a partner at Google Ventures.

Since About.me plans to focus heavily on their own user search, the acquisition of Wefollow makes sense. About.me will use Wefollow’s technology to refine the order that users show up in search.  Wefollow’s prominence scores will also be integrated into About.me.

?As more and more people use the search tool to find and get to know other about.me users,? said Conrad in an interview with TechCrunch. ?It?s super important to serve up the right results algorithmically.?

Wefollow generates revenue based on a “cost per follow” model and placement functions.  People paid to promote themselves and their interests.