About.me Premium Plans Allows You To Use Your Own Domain Name

Posted May 22, 2013

About.me is a company that offers a custom profile and personal analytics dashboard.  The company was acquired within 24 hours of exiting beta mode by AOL in December 2010.  Three years later, the About.me founders bought the company back.  Earlier this month, About.me also acquired Wefollow.  Now the company is rolling out a premium service that allows users to setup personalized domain names through a three-tier subscription level.

About.me’s existing users can continue using the service for free, but there is now an option to upgrade for $4 per month.  This lets users set up their own domain name with their About.me profile setup on there.  About.me is partnering with NameCheap.com to guide users to buy and set up the domain names.  If you decide to use your own domain name, then you will need to use your own host.

By upgrading to $4 per month, the About.me branding is taken off from the top of the page.  There will also be a $9 per month subscription level that will give your profile prominence on the About.me network including a directory and through search.  This feature is powered by About.me’s acquisition of Wefollow.

?At About.me, we?re constantly seeking feedback from our users and customized domain names has been the most requested feature for quite some time,? stated About.me co-founder Tony Conrad.