Acer announces smartwatch-fitness device Liquid Leap

Posted Jun 2, 2014

Acer is not going to be one of the lone companies that stays out of the wearables race. Acer has launched a smartwatch called the Liquid Leap at the Computex conference in Taiwan today. It will not be available until this summer though. The Liquid Leap is a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. It can monitor your daily activity like: steps taken, distance, calories burned, etc. The smartwatch functionality built into the device includes the ability to receive e-mails and sending/receiving text messages. The Liquid Leap is made out of rubber.

The unfortunate part of the device is that it only works with the Acer Liquid Jade phone, which will limit Acer’s ability to convince a large base of consumers to buy the Liquid Leap. Perhaps Acer will open the Liquid Leap up to other devices sometime in the near future.

Acer did not officially confirm the price, but we do know that it will cost under ?99 in Europe (around $135).

Fitbit is one of the biggest players in the wearables market right now as it controls around 50% of the 2.7 million wearable bands and smartwatches that shipped in Q1 2014. Research firm Canalys reported that smartwatch shipments are expected to hit 8 million in 2014. This number is expected to grow over 23 million units by 2015 and 45 million by 2017.