Acer Slides Past Dell In PC Sales In The Third Quarter, Becoming Number Two

Posted Dec 6, 2009

Taiwanese PC manufacturing company Acer Incorporated (TPE:2353) has grabbed the number 2 spot. This is the first time Acer has surpassed Dell Inc.
(NASDAQ:DELL) for the number 2 stop according to iSuppli Corporation. iSuppli also confirmed that the PC market is starting to recover. Acer had a 1&% year-over-year growth in notebook shipments. Of the 79.9 million PCs that were shipped globally, Acer accounted for about 13.4% of them. Dell had a share of about 5.9% and they recorded about 12.9% PC market share.

Lenovo Corporation also had an outstanding quarter. Lenovo’s shipments grew 17.2% year over year.

“Acer’s rise to the No. 2 rank in the global PC business reflects not only its strong performance in the notebook segment, but also the historic rise of Asia as a primary force in the computer industry,” stated iSuppli analyst Matthew Wilkins. In 2003, Acer was ranked number 6 and Lenovo was ranked number 8. “The Asian manufacturers are a growing force in the global PC business due to their aggressive pricing along with their ability to quickly react and embrace new developments, such as the netbook PC.”

Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HPQ) was number one for the 13th straight quarter. HP has 19.9% of the PC market. Toshiba is ranked 5th place with a 5% market share. Wilkins added that the Christmas season and the introduction of the Windows 7 operating system will bring good news for PC companies.