Acer Launches New Line Of Thin Clients, Partners With Devon IT

Posted Aug 27, 2012

Acer America is the number two notebook provider and they have partnered with Devon IT, an information technology company that works on thin clients.  Through the partnership, Acer will be able to offer new thin client functionality to customers.  Acer will be expanding its server line with a new rack and tower servers later this year as well.  Devon IT works with the world’s largest financial, healthcare, manufacturing, schools, and retail companies.

The new Acer Veriton N Series of thin clients (discussed below) will use the Devon IT Terminal Operating System (DeTOS), Windows Embedded Operating Systems (WES), and Devon’s Echo Thin Client Management software.  Echo makes it easier to create remote desktop connections and terminal settings from one location.  Echo can help users copy settings, profiles, and system images in virtual environments.

Aside from Devon’s partnership, the Acer Veriton N Thin Client Series has been announced today as well.  The N Thin Client Series provides simplified manageability and energy-efficiency in a secure and space-saving form factor for virtual environments.  The thin clients are especially useful for SMBs, education customers, call centers, financial services, and the government.  The Acer thin clients help increase hardware utilization while reducing overall costs.  By centralizing processing, it makes it easier for companies to manage data and hardware assets.

The thin client series has the aforementioned operating system options.  The thin clients also feature a RemoteFX 3D virtual adapter, Citrix HDS high-definition desktop virtualization, and VMware View.  These features help simplify desktop and application management.

Acer Veriton N2620G Series

The Acer Veriton N2620G Series are compact and flexible.  They also offer a TPM 1.2 compliant design and mainstream performance with corporate-level security requirements.  The N2620G has DVI-I plus HDMI dual-output so that you can use two monitors at once.  The N2620G can offer up to a second generation Intel Celeron 887 processor with Intel HD graphics.  It can support up to 4GB of DDR 1066/133MHz SDRAM.

The N2620G Series has two mini PCI Express 2.0 slots and can be attached to the back of a monitor to save space.  This series can come with the DeTOS 7.1, Windows Embedded Standard 7, or the Windows 7/8 operating system.

Acer Veriton VN2620G

Acer Veriton N2110G Series
The Acer Veriton 2110G Series are robust x86 thin clients. The N2110G Series has highly configurable stateless devices with no moving parts. The clients can help save as much as 85% in power costs when being compared to traditional desktops. This Series supports dual DisplayPorts that have a maximum resolution of 1920×1200. Both VGA and DVI adapters are also available in this series.

The N2110G has a dual core AMD G-T56N processor, 2GB memory, AMD Radeon HD 6320 graphics, 4 USB 2.0 prots, and 2 USB 3.0 ports. The N2110G is ultra compact and thin with measurements of 9.9 x 8.3 x 1.6 inches.

The N2110Gs can be laid flat, stand vertically, and be attached to the back of a monitor to save desk and office space. The N2110G comes with either DeTOS 7.1 or Windows Embedded Standard 7.

Acer Veriton VN2110G

Acer Veriton N2010G Series

The N2010G Series have ultra compact and are ARM-based. It helps provide a multimedia experience with a great value. The N2010G measures at 6.9 x 4.8 x 1.4 inches. It also has a dual DVI output for 1920 x 1200 screen resolution. VGA adapters are also available.

The N2010G is fabless and has no moving parts to increase reliability. It comes with the DeTOS 7.1 operating system, an ARM-based DM8148 processor from Texas Instruments, PowerVR SGX530 graphics accelerator, and HD Video accelerator. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports built into the N2010G Series.

Acer’s thin client series of devices will be available through resellers at a starting price of $329. The Acer Veriton N2110G and Acer N2620G Series will be available starting in October and the N2010G Series will be available in December 2012. All three models will come with a 3-year warranty with extended warranties and services as an option.

Acer Veriton VN2010G

To further discuss the thin client market with Acer executives, I chatted with Acer Senior Director of Commercial Product Marketing Michael O’Beirne and Acer Product Manager of Servers and Storage Kamesh Ramalingam.  Below are some of the topics that we discussed.

How did Acer decide that the market opportunity for thin clients was worth pursuing?

Acer had been working on sever solutions for a while now and virtualization is a key market.  According to a Gartner report, the thin client market penetration is at 8-10%, which means that there is a lot of opportunity in that space.  Thin clients are one of the final pieces of the puzzle.

Are there any specific types of customers or demographics that are being targeted for the thin client launch?

The thin clients are a general solution and does not pin to a specific vertical.  Thin clients are used by the healthcare industry, SMBs, etc.  “Virtualization is everywhere.”

What do you believe thin clients will be like in the future?  5-10 years from now?

Based on the current growth, virtualization will no longer exceed expectations like it is doing now.  Thin clients will get to a point where high standards will be expected.  Thin clients will most likely grow at 20% in 5 years.

What is one of the security advantages of a thin clients versus a normal PC.

Virtualization has security advantages.  When a session is terminated, data can no longer be accessed.