Actian Acquires Analytic Database Company ParAccel

Posted Apr 26, 2013

Actian is a company that makes it possible for companies to transform big data into valuable data.  Actian has acquired ParAccel, an analytic database company that was designed for the fastest query performance.  The terms of the acquisition were undisclosed.

Actian has a suite of database products that they can expand upon through the acquisition of ParAccel.  Some of Actian’s database products includes the Ingres (relational database), the Versant (object database), and Vectorwise (analytic database).

ParAccel has many customers including Amazon, Home Depot, Evernote, Warner Music Group, Travelzoo, etc.  The company also has a number of license deals for their parallel database technology.  One of their licensees is Amazon Web Services.  Amazon uses ParAccel to power their analytic capabilities for the cloud-based Redshift data warehouse service.  Amazon even invested a large round in ParAccel in July 2011.

Actian generates around $150 million in annual revenue, mostly outside of the U.S., according to GigaOM.  Actian also bought Versant in December 2012 and Pervasive in January 2013.  ParAccel raised a total of about $93 million in venture capital since 2007.