Actress Huong Hoang Suing IMDb For Listing Her Age

Posted Jan 7, 2012

Actress Huong Hoang is suing subsidiary IMDb for revealing her age. She believes that IMDb violates her privacy and opened her up to age discrimination by revealing that she is 40 years old. She also changed her name to Junie Hoang because her Asian name is hard to pronounce. Hoang has been in small-budget movies such as Gingerbread Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver and The Custom Mary. She also played the voice of a character in the Street Fighter II animated TV series. asked a federal judge to force the plaintiff to reveal herself saying that the judicial process’ strong preference for transparency and its belief that proceeding openly would not subject Hoang to a measurable discrimination in the movie industry. The judge ruled that Hoang had to come forward with a new complaint under her own name or the case would be dismissed. The case has been refiled. [THR]