Acxiom Corporation (ACXM) acquires LiveRamp for $310 million

Posted May 14, 2014

Acxiom Corporation (NASDAQ:ACXM) is a Little Rock, Arkansas based company that collects data and converts it for customers like Epson and United Airlines. Acxiom has acquired LiveRamp for $310 million in cash.

LiveRamp spun out of Rapleaf in 2012 and funnels customers data that is generally locked in CRM systems into other applications where it can be used for sales and marketing.

?Say, Toyota has all this leasing information about customer. It probably wants to market to all the customers whose leases are up within the next five months. Right now, what they typically do is use that CRM data to do direct mail, which is inexpensive and ineffective,? said North Bridge Venture Partners? Paul Santinelli in an interview with GigaOM. North Bridge is an investor in LiveRamp. ?LiveRamp onboards that CRM data, matches it up with other user data and drops a pixel [a small, cookie-like piece of anonymized data] that media buyers can use to target their campaigns.?

Acxiom and LiveRamp will have a combined 7,000 customer and partner base worldwide. This gives the companies access to a collection that in aggregate provides them with access to 99% of the adult U.S. population.