Ad Brokerage Company, Federated Media Rumored To Have Raised $50 Million

Posted Apr 3, 2008

Federated Media, the ad broker company that was started and run by John Battelle is rumored to have raised $50 million based on a $200 million pre-investment valutation from Oak Hill Capital Partners. John Battelle is founder of Wired and author of a book written about Google.

The funding source originates from a blog post written by Eric Eldon on VentureBeat. Savvian, the investment banking firm that Battelle acknowledge hiring supposedly helped with brokering the deal. FM has not confirmed the deal though.

In terms of revenue, FM supposedly earned $20-$23 million over the last year and is expected to earn $60 million this year. Federated Media brokers ads for Alarm:CLock, AltSearchEngines, Ars Technica, BoingBoing, GigaOm, Guy Kawasaki’s personal blog, LiveSide, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb, Sphere, TechCrunch, Techdirt, VentureBeat, and Wikia.