Ad Company InMobi Acquires Sprout

Posted Aug 2, 2011

InMobi is an independent ad network that has acquired Sprout. Sprout is the developer of an online editor for creating and distributing HTML5 ads.

Sprout will remain independent after the acquisition. Sprout CEO Carnet Williams will be joining the board of directors at InMobil.

?With InMobi?s global presence we are able to quickly deploy our HTML5 mobile ad creative platform into the hands of agencies and publishers worldwide,? stated Williams. ?InMobi has also agreed to allow the Sprout team to run as an independent business unit and is committed to keeping our platform open for everyone in the mobile ecosystem ? that means that we will continue to be integrated with other ad networks (competitors to InMobi), publishers, mediators and aggregators. Our vision is to raise the level of rich media in the mobile industry and we can only achieve that by remaining an open platform.?