Adam Carolla Raises $1.36 Million For Film Through Crowd-Funding

Posted Aug 20, 2013

Adam Carolla has raised $1.36 million for a feature film that is based on the life of a stand-up comedian.  Carolla started off as a stand-up comedian, hosted a Comedy Central program called The Man Show with Jimmy Kimmel, and then moved on to podcasting. Carolla most recently used Donald Trump’s “Fund Anything” website to crowdfund a film.

Carolla will write, direct, and star in the movie “Road Hard.”  Shooting will start in December.  The movie is about a former standup comedian that becomes a sitcom star and then ends up hitting the road against after his show is cancelled and he gets divorced.

Illeana Douglas, Larry Miller, and Phil Rosenthal were casted.  Kevin Hench will be co-directing and co-writing the movie.  Carolla hit the $1 million goal in under 30 days and he hit the $1.36 million as of 9PM EST on Monday.

The film is expected to be finished by this spring.