Adam Guerbuez Ordered To Pay $873M To Facebook For Spamming

Posted Oct 6, 2010

Adam Guerbuez calls himself the $873 million man for a reason. Guerbuez, an Internet marketer was ordered by a court in Quebec to pay Facebook more than $1 billion in fines. Guerbuez had a California court judgment upheld last week in the Superior Court of Quebec last week.

Guerbuez was fined $100 U.S. in damages and $100 U.S. in punitive damages for each of the 4,366,386 spam messages that Facebook said he posted on users’ walls in 2008. This added up to $873,277,200. When converting this to Canadian dollars, it is $1,068,928,721.46. ?I don?t spam. I?ve never admitted any guilt on anything they accused me, and I won?t? stated Guerbuez.

Guerbuez did not contest the suit because it would cost too much. For a major trial in a foreign jurisdiction, Guerbuez said that it would cost him at least $100,000. Guerbuez?s lawyer √Čric Potvin appealed the case out of principal because he believed the fines were out of proportion to what a Canadian court would have ordered. The Quebec Superior Court Justice Lucie Fournier disagreed with Guerbuez’s lawyer and went along with the decision of the California court.

Guerbuez filed for bankruptcy in August and Facebook became one of his creditors. Guerbuez receive a lot of attention as a large-scale Internet marketer as a result of the court case.

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