How To Add Spotify To Your Website

Posted Apr 11, 2012

Spotify’s growth can be attributed to their tight integration with Facebook. To gain additional users, Spotify has announced that they have created a widget for people to integrate into their websites. Some of the websites that have already started integrated Spotify include The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, and Tumblr. Here is how to add Spotify to your website.

Step 1: Find the song on Spotify that you want to put on your website.
Step 2: Right click on the song and select “Copy Spotify URI.”
Step 3: Go this website and paste it into step 2 of the generator.

Step 4: Click on the copy embed code from the website and paste it into the HTML editor of your blog or website.

You can customize the embed under “Customize embed options.” This feature allows you to change the size of the widget, remove the cover art, and change the theme color.