Additional Evidence That Apple Is Testing Out An LTE-Enabled iPhone

Posted Aug 21, 2011

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is currently testing out 4G LTE enabled iPhones. Earlier this month we reported that AT&T had installed 4G LTE equipment in Apple retail stores. Now there is a snippet of code that has been revealed in developer builds of iOS 5 that indicates Apple is testing out an LTE-enabled iPhone. Check out the code below:

LTE is the next generation wireless broadband network that is being implemented by AT&T and Verizon. The data speeds on LTE will be significantly faster than 3G connections.

Do not get excited just yet. It is highly unlikely that the next version of the iPhone will be LTE-enabled. The new iPhone is expected to arrive in early October and available for pre-order at the end of September. Another piece of evidence that suggests that Apple is testing out an LTE-enabled iPhone is a job posting. Forbes reported that Apple put a job posting for a field test engineer with experience in LTE with the following job description:

Field testing in the wireless industry typically means going outside (?into the field?) with a new cellphone and measuring its signal strength. It is an integral step that phone makers must take before releasing products to the public.