Additional Palm Tablet Specs Reveal Beats Audio and Tap-To-Share Smartphone Integration

Posted Jan 19, 2011

Engadget has revealed additional details about the Palm webOS tablets that have the codename “Topaz” and “Opal.” The Opal will measure 180x144x13mm and will have a 1,024×768 pixel TFT LCD display. The Topaz tablet will ship 3 months before and it will have a 241x190x13mm size.

Both tablets will have premium audio powered by HP Beats audio processing. Both tablets will also have tens of gigabytes of cloud storage. Another product we can expect is the Touchstone wireless charging dock that can turn the tablet into an alarm clock, digital photo frame, and GPS unit. The tablets are also expected to have a Tap-To-Share feature that lets users transfer websites, documents, or songs from phones to the tablets. Other features may include Flash support and “true multitasking.”