Addvocate Raises $2 Million In Series A

Posted Jul 24, 2013

Employee advocacy platform Addvocate has raised a $2 million Series A round of funding.  The lead investor in this round was Rogers Venture Partners.  Angel investor Karen Riley participated in this round as well.  Addvocate’s seed investors were Cyan Banister, Scott Banister, Jay Baer, and Jesse Engle.  Piers Cooper was named as chief operating officer of Addvocate.  Addvocate helps brands deliver consistent messages through employees’ social voices.

?We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to invest and partner with Addvocate,? stated Rogers Venture Partners General Partner Will Stewart.  ?It is not everyday you find a natural leader like Marcus, coupled with a team with such deep domain expertise in the corporate social media space. We were impressed by how Addvocate was able to launch its business with an amazing list of customer pilots in the Fortune 500.?

Addvocate was founded by CEO Marcus Nelson, the former head of social media at  Addvocate believes that social media works well with engaging fans and customers when content is distributed by customers.  Addvocate enables companies to identify and measure the social voices of those employees.

?Companies are still struggling to figure out how social media can help them boost profit and customer satisfaction,? added Nelson.  ?Few realize that their own employees are the best distributors of goodwill, advice and messaging ? or that many of their employees want to participate. With Addvocate, companies create a network effect that encourages employees to opt-in when they see the amazing results their peers deliver.?

Addvocate makes it possible for companies of any size to coordinate social media accounts and identify internal experts for distributing engaging content.  Companies can see immediately when social media directly impacts sales and customer satisfaction.  Addvocate is used by multiple Fortune 500 companies.