Adelphic Mobile Raises $10 Million From Google and Matrix

Posted Dec 4, 2012

Adelphic Mobile is a startup company based in Boston that has raised $10 million in funding from Google Ventures and Matrix Partners.  The startup was founded by former Apple execs that wants to help advertising companies target consumers better.  The company has raised $12 million in funding total.

Adelphic started in 2010 by Changfeng Wang and Jennifer Lum.  The two worked at Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising startup company that Apple bought.  Quattro Wireless ended up becoming Apple’s iAd mobile advertising network.

Adelphic has developed browser cookies to keep data on the browsing habits of consumers.  The reason why mobile advertisers do not know much about users is because mobile browsers and apps are not as commonly configured to track people as browsers on computers.  This makes advertisers blind  when trying to target people.

Adelphic can most likely identify the age of mobile users along with gender and location.

?With the growth of mobile, we?re still very early and, just like in traditional online ads, there?s still a tremendous amount of innovation and value to be created,? stated Google Ventures general partner Rich Miner.  Miner also co-founded Android.