Adeo Ressi, Founder of TheFunded Delivers Useless Subpoena Documents To EDF Ventures’ Lawyers To Prove A Point

Posted Aug 26, 2008

The Funded is a website where users can anonymously post reviews on venture capitalists.  EDF Ventures, an Ann Arbor, Michigan based venture capitalist firm was not amused with their reviews so they decided to sue an anonymous user that claims that EDF was to be avoided unless you were “desparate.”  Since the identity of that user is unknown, the lawsuit was filed against “John Doe.” 

Adeo Ressi recently made a video of himself delivering subpoena documents to McDonough Holland & Allen, the law firm that represents EDF.   “The Funded here will be victorious I’m sure, protecting the anonymity of our members,” stated Ressi in the video.

Below is the video of Ressi delivering the documents:

EDF Ventures vs John Doe from Adeo Ressi on Vimeo.

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