AdMob Buys AdWhirl, Becomes Even Bigger iPhone Advertising Company

Posted Aug 28, 2009

AdMob is one of the biggest advertising mobile companies.  Most iPhone application developers sign up with AdMob as their advertising broker.  AdMob just got a little bigger after announcing the acquisition of AdWhirl.

AdMob CEO Omar Hamoui said that the acquisition was made to create a transparent mobile ad exchange.  Interestingly two months ago AdMob and AdWhirl were not playing nice with each other.

On July 22nd, AdMob wrote a blog post stated, “AdMob will no longer serve ads requested from iPhone apps that employ ad network mediation layers such as AdWhirl or Tapjoy.  This change will enable us to provide our publishers and advertisers, as well as end users, with the best possible experience and results.”

The acquisition amount is not substantial because AdWhirl does not have much cash on hand nor do they have licensing deals in place with ad partners.  AdMob’s traffic declined since they decided to stop using mediation layers.  Quattro, another big iPhone ad company put their support behind AdWhirl. AdMob bought out AdWhirl for their assets, not for the company itself.