AdMob Reverses Decision To Turn Off Ad Aggregators

Posted Aug 8, 2009

AdMob has temporarily decided to reverse the decision to turn off aggregators.  AdMob is the advertising company that built a platform for iPhone developers to monetize their applications.

This past June, AdMob said that there were technical complaints regarding advertisements that were served by “ad net mediators” such as AdWhirl and Tapjoy.  The decision to turn off ad aggregators caused criticism from developers so AdMob decided to temporarily reverse their decision.  This way developers can continue to use multiple mobile ad networks.

?We have decided to temporarily delay the discontinuation of support for mediation layers until we can introduce a comprehensive plan that meets our publishers? needs while also continuing to provide advertisers and end users with the best possible experience on mobile.? stated AdMob VP of Product Management Ali Diab in a blog post.

[via MediaPost]