Adobe Acquires Tag Management Company Satellite

Posted Aug 1, 2013

Late last month Adobe Systems acquired Neolane for $600 million.  Today Adobe announced the fourth acquisition of 2013.  Adobe has acquired a tag management technology company called Satellite.  Satellite is known for helping marketers with analytics and media tracking.  Satellite is a part of a large interactive marketing agency called Search Discovery.

Search Discovery is spinning off the Satellite business rather than selling the whole company to Adobe.  Satellite will continue to run as a business-as-usual service for the time being, according to TechCrunch.

Adobe is integrating Satellite into their Marketing Cloud services.  Other services in Marketing Cloud includes Analytics, Target, Experience Manager, Social, and Media Optimizer.

Satellite can speed up loading times for websites by consolidating code from third parties.  The company works with small and large enterprises.  Satellite competes with a Google service that was launched in October 2012 called Tag Manager.

?Both Adobe and Satellite have robust partner networks that help facilitate the delivery of our market-leading technology and services to marketers worldwide,? stated Satellite. ?Due to our common focus on providing the best solutions available to marketers, we expectedly share some of the same partners. The addition of Satellite to the Adobe Marketing Cloud will enable the combined partner network to deliver the world?s leading set of marketing solutions to an even broader base of customers.?

Adobe will continue to support the existing integration between Satellite and Google Analytics.  There may be some overlap between what they offer and what Adobe already does.