Adobe Acquires Thumb Labs

Posted May 23, 2013

Adobe has acquired Thumb Labs, the developer of Behance’s official mobile apps.  Thumb Labs will join Adobe to work full-time on the Behance team.  The terms of the deal was undisclosed.  Thumb Labs said that this was a “talent acquisition,” also known as an “acqui-hire.”  Thumb Labs has been working closely with Behance since 2011.  Thumb Labs also built Behance’s Creative Portfolio app.  Other projects that Thumb Labs worked on include ReadyForZero’s financial app, an app for Dribble called Travveling, and a metronome app called BPM.

“Like many working in the tech industry, we have come to rely on Adobe products on a daily basis, and have closely followed their evolution throughout the years. With the announcements at Adobe MAX earlier this month, and the launch of the Creative Cloud, it is clear that this is an exciting time at the company. We are looking forward to contributing to these efforts, as Behance’s vibrant community becomes more deeply integrated into Adobe’s tools,” said Thumb Labs in a closing note on their homepage.

Thumb Labs has less than 10 employees and their entire team will move to Behance’s offices in Soho.  The company will continue to work on mobile design and development at Behance for their new roles.  The team will start working with Behance before the end of the month and they will complete existing client work over the next several weeks.

Adobe acquired Behance for $150 million in December 2012.  Since then, Adobe integrated Behance into their upcoming Creative Cloud apps.  Thumb Labs was founded by Rich Kern and Jared Verdi.