Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch Joins Apple

Posted Mar 20, 2013

Kevin Lynch, Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer, is leaving the company to join Apple.  The departure at Adobe was noted in a document filed with the SEC.  Lynch gave his resignation on March 18th to “pursue other opportunities.”  Lynch has been working at Adobe since 2005 and is credited for pushing for the company’s web publishing initiatives through the launch of Creative Cloud.

The most interesting part about Lynch joining Apple is that he had an issue with Steve Jobs’ criticisms of Adobe Flash.

Lynch will be the new vice president of technology and will report to Bob Mansfield.

Below is a statement that Adobe sent to AllThingsD:

Kevin Lynch, Adobe CTO, is leaving the company effective March 22 to take a position at Apple. We will not be replacing the CTO position; responsibility for technology development lies with our business unit heads under the leadership of Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen. Bryan Lamkin, who has recently returned to Adobe, will assume responsibilities for cross company research and technology initiatives as well as Corporate Development. We wish Kevin well in this new chapter of his career.

Lynch joined Adobe through the 2005 acquisition of Macromedia, where he worked as chief software architect and president of product development.

In 2009, Lynch helped create a video intended to poke fun at Apple’s lack of support for Adobe Flash.  The video was made for Adobe’s developer conference in 2009 and it spoofed the TV show Myth Busters.  In the video, Lynch was determined to get Flash to work with the iPhone by using a blender, dynamite, and even a steamroller.  Check out the video below: