Adobe Got Hacked, Nearly 3 Million Customers Exposed

Posted Oct 4, 2013

Adobe Systems has been hit with a cyberattack and around 2.9 million credit cards have been exposed.  The cyberattacker was able to access Adobe customer IDs and passwords on the system.

The attacker was able to remove customer names, encrypted credit card numbers, encrypted debit card numbers, and expiration dates from that information.  Adobe is asking customers not to reset passwords.  Adobe also alerted banks that process Adobe payments to protect customer accounts.  Federal law enforcement agencies are on the case.

“Cyber attacks are one of the unfortunate realities of doing business today,” Brad Arkin, Adobe’s chief security officer, wrote in a blog post Thursday. “Given the profile and widespread use of many of our products, Adobe has attracted increasing attention from cyber attackers.”

[Source: Huffington Post]