Adobe Hires The Team Behind Design Company Ideacodes

Posted May 29, 2013

Adobe Systems has acquired a San Francisco based creative consulting company called Ideacodes.  The terms of the deal was undisclosed, but we know that Adobe was primarily interested in the talent behind the company.  Ideacodes helps design the user experience of smart applications for various devices.

Ideacode co-founders Emily Chang and Max Kielser are going to become the new creative directors for Adobe’s new Creative Cloud software.

?Our job at Adobe is to deliver an incredible experience every time a customer accesses Creative Cloud,? stated Adobe Creative Cloud’s VP of product management Jeff Veen. ?The Ideacodes team will help us realize our goal of making Creative Cloud indispensable for creatives worldwide.?

Earlier this month, Adobe acquired a mobile and design company called Thumb Labs.

“We started Ideacodes nine years ago with the shared desire to design unique and engaging experiences for the digital age, and to create a design company that was agile, forward-focused and collaborative. It’s been a pleasure and honor to have worked with so many visionary, talented individuals at startups, tech companies, businesses, design organizations and universities. Together, we’ve created delightful and useful digital experiences for people worldwide and promoted the power and positive effects of the connected age,” said Chang and Kielser in a joint statement.