Adobe Introduces Muse for Creating Websites without Code

Posted Aug 15, 2011

Adobe has released a public beta of a program called Muse, which helps users design websites without mucking about in piles of code. 9to5Mac reports that it will cost $15 a month and should be officially released early in 2012. The official Adobe site calls Muse a “code name,” but it’s available for download right now and looks pretty beautiful.

Okay, “pretty beautiful” is an understatement. I’m swooning. Multiple interlocking slideshows on a single page? No big deal! Rounded corners? Click a button, decide exactly how rounded you want them! You can even make them glow!  The Adobe swatch library? It’s in there too!

I haven’t actually tried the software for myself, and I’m no graphic designer, but walking through the showcase Adobe provides is enough to make me want to build a site. It looks like Muse relies on a lot of the same concepts Adobe users are familiar with from the Creative Suite, like the Object > Bring Forward command or master pages a la InDesign. Muse also boasts the ability to “automatically and seamlessly convert [non-web safe] type to an image on publish.”