Adobe Picks A Fight With SnipShot, Picasa, and Picnik By Taking Photoshop Online (Adobe Photoshop Express)

Posted Mar 27, 2008

“They have a whole market that they are missing out on, and they need to make sure that the market is aware there is a Photoshop solution for them. As that market grows and becomes more sophisticated, hopefully it will generate money,” stated Ron Glaz, an analyst at IDC, a market intelligence firm.

Adobe Systems Inc. has made another dramatic move. After making at least 9 versions of their popular software, Photoshop, the San Jose, Calif.-based company decided to make their well-known software available to the web for free. This effort poses a threat to some of the other popular online photo editing companies such as Picnik, Picasa, and SnipShot.

This is not the first time that Adobe has made a huge contribution to the web. A few years ago, Adobe acquired Macromedia, the makers of Flash. Today Adobe Flash is the foundation for all online video sharing web sites like YouTube and DailyMotion.

With Photoshop Express, users can crop/rotate/tweak/resize/edit photos. Adobe is also providing users 2GB of space to host their photos for free. After editing photos, Adobe Photoshop Express users can build galleries in a grid or 3D format.

Photoshop Express is available at:

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