Adobe (ADBE) Launches First Hardware Products, Project Mighty and Project Napoleon

Posted May 7, 2013

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) is getting into hardware with the launch of Project Napoleon and Project Mighty.  Project Mighty is a cloud-connected stylus that was made for apps and interfaces in the Adobe Creative Cloud.  The Adobe Project Napoleon is a bar-like accessory that helps you draw digital lines straight or curves.  The two products can be connected to an iPad and iPhone through Bluetooth.

The Project Mighty stylus has a single button and the ruler is marked with several shapes that can be switched to change how the pen is drawing.  The pen comes with a rechargeable battery, Bluetooth Low connectivity, and built-in memory.  Adobe worked with an industrial design company called Ammunition to create Mighty.

Napoleon can display lines on the screen on the iPad which a user can trace.  This helps create specific shapes.  When you tap on the circle option on the ruler, it makes drawing a circle easy.

Both products are still being developed and the company is expected to hit the market soon.

“Digitally enabled, cloud connected physical devices leverage the best from both the digital and the analog worlds. They could enable whole new levels of creative productivity and artistic confidence ? and one of the many innovation milestones that makes an Adobe incredible place to work,” said Adobe VP of Experience Design Michael Gough.