Adobe Says Flash Rejection From Apple Was A Major Reason For Ending Mobile Initiatives

Posted Nov 12, 2011

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) principal product manager for developer relations Mike Chambers wrote a blog post detailing one of the major reasons why the company has decided to end initiatives for mobile development of the Flash Player. Chambers admitted that Apple’s decision not to support the Flash Player on iOS was a major reason why the company ended mobile initiatives.

“The Flash Player was not going to achieve the same ubiquity on mobile as it has on the desktop,” wrote Chambers in the blog post. “This one should be pretty apparent, but given the fragmentation of the mobile market, and the fact that one of the leading mobile platforms (Apple’s iOS) was not going to allow the Flash Player in the browser, the Flash Player was not on track to reach anywhere near the ubiquity of the Flash Player on desktops.”

Adobe said that they would be focusing their efforts on Adobe AIR applications and HTML5. Adobe said that they will continue to fix bugs and provide security updates for the BlackBerry PlayBook and Android devices running Adobe Flash.

Adobe’s decision was not influenced by the passing of Steve Jobs. Chambers said “no matter what we did, the Flash Player was not going to be available on Apple’s iOS anytime in the foreseeable future” based on the underlying technology. “On mobile devices, [HTML5] has a level of ubiquity similar to what the Flash Player has on the desktop.”

“So, just to be very clear, contrary to what many have declared, Flash is not dead. It?s role and focus has shifted but we feel that it still fills important roles both on the web and mobile platforms,” said Chambers.