Adobe To Cease Development Of Flash On Mobile Browsers To Focus On HTML5

Posted Nov 9, 2011

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ:ADBE) has announced that they will be halting their efforts to develop and deploy Adobe Flash on mobile devices. Adobe has been delivering the Flash Player for mobile browsers to many different devices. However HTML5 is now universally supported on major mobile devices, exclusively on some devices like the iPhone and iPad. Adobe has officially announced that they will be working with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and RIM to drive HTML5 innovation.

Adobe Vice President and General Manager of Interactive Development Danny Winokur wrote the following message on the company blog:

Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores. We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS version, etc.) following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook. We will of course continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations. We will also allow our source code licensees to continue working on and release their own implementations.

Adobe believes that the change will allow them to increase their investment in HTML5 and innovate with Flash where it can have the most impact in a specific industry such as advanced gaming and premium video. Adobe has already started working on Flash Player 12 with a list of new features for delivering high definition entertainment. The company will continue working with the W3C and WebKit to bring similar capabilities to HTML5 like they have done with CSS Shaders.