Adobe Voice for iPad lets users create animated videos

Posted May 8, 2014

Adobe Systems has launched a new multimedia iPad app called Voice that features real-time motion graphics, audio sweetening, and HD video output without requiring experience in animation or design. Adobe Voice could be considered a replacement for a PowerPoint presentation since it emphasizes on audio and visual elements. Adobe Voice was built on the After Effects motion graphics engine and facilities the creation of animated videos. The final story output is in video format. You can record voiceovers one line at a time with background music automatically added.

When you download and open the app, you will see a feed of curated videos. The app takes you step-by-step through your first presentation or message. You can place images in the presentation from Adobe’s Creative Commons licensed library or from your own library. Creative Commons icons or images are used in the presentation to make sure that the rights are accounted for. There is a Play button that lets you preview the results as you build the presentation.

The app has 30 built-in themes that are tied together with colors, fonts, and motion graphics along with 30 tracks organized by class. Voice can share the presentation on social networks, email, or websites through embed tags once you are complete. Currently Adobe Voice is English only and works on iPad 2 or later running on iOS 7.