Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer Launches Sustainable Development Website SHFT

Posted Dec 1, 2011

Peter Glatzer and Adrian Grenier has launched a new website called SHFT, which is a digital media platform that allows people to read content and buy products that are related to sustainable development. Galtzer is an indie film producer and Grenier is known for playing the character Vincent Chase on the hit show Entourage. The tagline of the website is “Curating the Culture of Today’s Environment.”

Glatzer and Grenier met 6 years ago through a mutual friend. “What makes something SHFT-worthy?” asked Grenier. “It’s design first. You have to want it first in order to even start engaging. Would I really want this thing? That’s the criteria. And the follow-up is sustainability.”

SHFT will have an original series called “Lighten Up,” which follows bands that are trying to reduce their carbon footprints. SHFT will not be housing the inventory themselves, but would facilitate consumers to the eco-friendly products. SHFT already has partnerships with Stonyfield Farm, Marvell Semiconductor, Virgin America, and Estee Lauder. Richard Branson and Arianna Huffington is going to be an adviser for the company.

SHFT also has a partnership with Ford Motor Company. Grenier and Glatzer will be making a 10-part video series focused on the innovation of the auto industry through their Ford partnership. “We are working with organizations such as SHFT because they share a similar philosophy — looking at the small and large actions that can make a real difference in a creative and authentic way,” stated Ford director of sustainability John Viera.

In December SHFT will be focusing on SHFT House Wines, which focuses on sustainable and biodynamic vineyards.