Advertisers To Get More Bang For Their Buck On YouTube

Posted Mar 26, 2008

“Effectively, YouTube has become an ad-effectiveness, or an insight-effectiveness, tool,” stated Tracy Chan, YouTube Product Manager. “YouTube has millions of viewers every single day, and has become the worldâ??s largest focus group.”

YouTube is introducing a new feature called YouTube Insight. The new feature will entail several new tracking abilities for those who want to advertise on the video sharing site. YouTube Insight can be used for bands to when to strategically set concerts or release videos. YouTube will be officially launching this feature later on today.

YouTube Insight provides insight on how a video is doing over time and geographically. YouTube Insight will show a breakdown percentage of the countries that viewers are coming from and how long a video takes to perform well. An example that The New York Times provides is that YouTube Insight has the ability to show whether videos peak on Fridays of winter months. How many times was a video started, but not finished? YouTube Insight answers this question as well.

Marketers will also have information regarding whichs states that users come from. This will enable artists or marketers to target certain audiences for their videos. Let’s say that a majority of my video watchers come from Texas, I will consider filming a video in Austin or making a promotional campaign around the Longhorns.

Upcoming features will include how visitors were refered to specific videos.

Below is a short demo video of Insight:

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